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About Me

Hello all,

I’m Claudia Vy and I’m here writing Christian Fantasy.

You may have seen in my header that my fiction is not rated-G. I don’t feel I can accurately convey why people need God so badly, if I can not first show how bad the world is. I remember back when I first became interested in Christianity and forming a relationship with God and feeling like I didn’t belong among other Christians because my life has not been rated- G.

All these other Christians I met were so wholesome and Hallmark channel. Meanwhile, I was literally raised by a lesbian Wiccan who ran a sex toys store. Yes, that was my childhood. I was raised in a very chaotic and abusive progressive household, where I was physically and emotionally abused and sexualized far too young.

I have seen and done very sinful things and I have to write Christian fiction that deals with lives like the one that I had.

I can’t write cute little Amish romances where the problems are minor and everyone is a clean-cut Christian. Don’t get me wrong, love reading those. Give me some Beth Wiseman any day. It just isn’t what I need to write.

I need to write books that deal with how ugly and traumatic the modern world is.

‘Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world, becomes an enemy of God.’-James 4:4.

I have been a friend of the world, and I need to use fiction to portray how badly my friendship with the world damaged me.

There is not a way to do that in a G-rated book.

My Christian fantasy dealing with the evils of sex work On the Edge of Time and Mercy is coming soon.

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